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Unable to play .wav multimedia files from webmail

This article applies to the following products:

  • Messageware AttachView 2019
  • Messageware AttachView 2016
  • Messageware AttachView 2013



When playing .wav files from webmail, users are unable to do so and the only option is to download. Even if the Attachview policies include .WAV as extension and has Multimedia enabled.


You can try the option " Allow Caching of multimedia files over SSL" in the Multimedia options section of the AttachView tab in Rules.

  • Edit and clone your current rule
  • Enable the check box and save the rule with a new name
  • Navigate to Edit Deployment and select the newly created rule from the drop down box
  • Click Save to commit the changes 
  • Click Deploy Settings (right column) to each of the servers with AttachView installed

The new configuration will apply automatically in 15 mins time. Verify you clear your browser cache prior to login in to OWA to view the change