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EPG Spamhaus FAQs

This article applies to the following products:

  • Messageware EPG Spamhaus


How to license and enable Spamhaus?

To license and enable Spamhaus, navigate to EPG Admin > IP Filtering > Spamhaus

Enable DNS Block list > Set this to Enabled

License Key (Spamhaus Subscription) > Click Add/Update Key > enter the license key > click Save

How to check/verify the functionality of Spamhaus?

You can check/verify the functionality of Spamhaus by navigating to EPG-Reports > Raw Data > IP Filtering Data > select the substatus as DNSBL


This Report will show all the connections that were blocked via the Spamhaus


Are there alerts/digests for Spamhaus blocked connections?

Yes, there are! You can configure them in EPG-Admin.

Navigate to EPG-Admin > Alerts & Digests > enable the following 


Sample Email Digest:


How to prevent Spamhaus from blocking legitimate connections?

There might be a scenario where Spamhaus will flag legit IPs and users won't be able to connect from it. To fix that you can add the IP in the EPG IP Allow list and it will override the Spamhaus blocklist.

Navigate to EPG-Admin > IP Filtering > Allow list > set it to enable, add the IP and save

How to check DNS queries for Spamhaus ?

You can check DNS queries using the Spamhaus license key to verify that the DNS connectivity for Spamhaus from your exchange server is working.

Replace the <Spamhaus license key> with your spamhaus license key and run the following commands one at a time on your exchange server


nslookup<Spamhaus license key>.sbl-xbl.dq.spamhaus.net


nslookup<Spamhaus license key>.xbl.dq.spamhaus.net


nslookup<Spamhaus license key>.zen.dq.spamhaus.net