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EPG - Enabling log in the History Page

This article applies to the following products:

  • Messageware Exchange Protocol Guard 2019
  • Messageware Exchange Protocol Guard 2016
  • Messageware Exchange Protocol Guard 2013



For additional troubleshooting logs in the history page can be enabled. These logs can become very useful.  


  • Copy the log4net.config file from EPG Web Management (C:\Program Files\Messageware\EPG Web Management\WebTarpit\log4net.config) to the EPG vdir folder (C:\Program Files\Messageware\EPG\vDir).  
  • Edit the log4net.config file, change the log file name (e.g. EPGTarpit.log -> RecentActivity.log) and change the logging level to DEBUG.  
  • Make sure 'everyone' group has full permissions to \windows\system32\logfiles\messagewarelogs.  
  • Recycle the w3 service.