TakeNote FAQs

This article applies to the following products:

  • Messageware TakeNote


Can TakeNote be pinned?

TakeNote is not currently pinnable.  


Do I have to open TakeNote every time I need to look at notes?

TakeNote must be opened each time to see what notes are recorded for an e-mail or sender. Microsoft restricts Outlook add-ins, like TakeNote, to a context pane on the right-side. In some cases, it may be easier to find Sender Notes, than to find the e-mail with a specific Email Note.


How to search in TakeNote?

It is not possible to search for notes in TakeNote at this time.  


Can we add hyperlinks in TakeNote?

The note section is in plain text, so URLs can be added, but the links are not clickable.  


The storage space has reached the limit.

The notes have a size limit that will eventually be reached, preventing additional notes from being added and you cannot increase the storage. As a workaround for now, we advise you to delete older notes so it can free up space and you can then continue to add new notes.


Copying notes to an email.

To use the contents of your TakeNote note in a new message or reply/forward, please copy the contents from the note into the clipboard using Ctrl-Ins or Ctrl-C and then paste it into a new message or reply/forward message body using Shift-Ins or Ctrl-V.


How to delete all notes?

To delete all notes at once you can do the following.

  • Navigate to Manage Add-ins > Click the – sign to remove > Uninstall TakeNote

This will delete all the previous notes.

To reinstall TakeNote

  • Navigate to Manage Add-ins > Click the + sign to Add
    • From the drop-down select > Add from the office store
  • It will take you to the Microsoft App Store and you can download it from there

Can other users see your TakeNote notes?

The notes are stored in your mailbox, therefore only users that have access to your mailbox will be able to see your notes