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IP filtering deactivates during page refresh

This article applies to the following products:

  •      Messageware EPG



When setting up the IP filtering inside Messageware EPG, the IP Block List switches to Disabled after refreshing the page.


  1. Open EPG-Admin page
  2. Switch to IP Filtering Tab
  3. On the first tab "Block List" enable the "Blocked IP addresses" option and add the IP addresses that you wish to block
  4. Refresh the page or click "Home" and switch back to IP Filtering Tab, The "Blocked IP addresses" will switch to Disabled


Be sure to enable the IP Filter on both Tab 1 - Block List and on Tab 3 - IP Filtering

  1. Enabled the Blocked IP addresses on Block List Tab
  2. Add the necessary IP addresses on the Block List Tab
  3. Switch to tab number 3 "Filtering Service" and select "Enable Block List"
  4. Save the configuration