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How to upgrade Messageware ActiveSend trial to a production license

This article applies to the following products:

  • Messageware ActiveSend for Office 365
  • Messageware ActiveSend 2019
  • Messageware ActiveSend 2016
  • Messageware ActiveSend 2013 



There are two ways to upgrade the evaluation license to production in Messageware ActiveSend. Please refer the steps below.

Enter the OWA Desktop license key when prompted

ActiveSend will periodically connect online to perform a license check and evaluate the time remaining on the license. Upon nearing or having reached license expiration, a notification will be displayed.

To update the license just enter a valid production license and click OK.

Figure - Messageware ActiveSend license will expire soon


Figure 2 - Messageware ActiveSend license has expired


Manual License Import

Manual license import is typically performed in labs where the environment cannot connect online. 

To update the license in this case, contact Messageware Technical Support and obtain a license file (lic file).

To update the license click the link (Click Here) and enter the license provided by Messageware Technical Support and click import.

Figure 3 - License import


Deploying License using ActiveSend deployment file (as.dep)

Administrators can provide the Messageware ActiveSend license to all ActiveSend users by creating a deployment file (dep file), and deploy the file to all ActiveSend client computers in the enterprise.

Please contact Messageware Technical Support for assistance with the deployment suport@messageware.com

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