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How to Enable IP Filtering Service

This article applies to the following products:

  • Messageware EPG 2019
  • Messageware EPG 2016
  • Messageware EPG 2013



The Filtering Service allows administrators to import and manage downloaded lists of high-risk IP addresses from trusted sites. Navigate to EPG – Admin > IP Filtering > Filtering Service.


Enabling Filtering Service

  • Set Enable Block List to Enabled
    • With this enabled, EPG will use the block list which is specified under the Update URL
  • Set Import Block List to Enabled
    • With this enabled, EPG will import the block list and apply it


Type – This is a label to help you identify what type of service it is, and it doesn’t impact how the file is processed in any way

Update URL – This is the URL provided by the IP block list service provider for the IP block list.  One example of an IP block list provider is www.iblocklist.com which provides several categories of block lists.  The File Format must be P2P, and Archive Format must be ZIP (alternative TXT).

  • Example of an IP Block List provider

Copy the URL for the desired IP block list into the field

  • Example of a completed EPG Filtering Service


(Note: Make sure the Update URL has a compatible block list, otherwise the filter service can give any of the following errors”)

  • Unsupported format 

  • Failed to Parse list