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How to Apply an EPG Service Worker Patch

This article applies to the following products: 

  • Messageware EPG 2019
  • Messageware EPG 2016
  • Messageware EPG 2013



In most cases, EPG fixes and enhancements are packaged into full releases, and these releases will be installed according to the existing documented procedure in the KB below.


In some special circumstances, a “site patch” will be provided which directs the customer to apply patched files directly to the system.  The EPG Service Worker is one file that is commonly patched.

Please follow these steps to apply an EPG Service Worker patch that has been provided to you.

Steps to apply

Download the patch from the link provided by Messageware Support.  Typically this link will look like the following:


If you prefer, Messageware Support can arrange to have a web session and go over the steps to apply this patch.
Steps to apply the EPG Service Worker file:

  • Download and extract the ZIP to a temp location
  • Connect to Exchange server where EPG is installed
  • Navigate to:  \Program Files\Messageware\EPG\Service Worker
  • Rename the existing OG_ServiceWorker.dll - Example: OG_ServiceWorker-OLD.dll
  • Copy the OG_ServiceWorker.dll from zip to this folder
  • Verify the NTFS permissions are inheriting from the folder, and that the DLL isn’t blocked (right-click file… Properties in File Explorer)
  • Restart the World Wide Web Publishing Service 
  • Verify direct connectivity to the Exchange Server is working (e.g. access OWA through a browser with a direct URL)
  • Repeat steps as needed on subsequent servers that have EPG installed