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How to Grant an AD User or Group Access to the EPG Web Management Sites

This article applies to the following products:

  • Messageware EPG 2019
  • Messageware EPG 2016
  • Messageware EPG 2013



This article outlines the steps required to assign an AD user or security group permission to access the various EPG web management pages, EPG-Admin, EPG-Reports, and EPG-Tarpit.


On the server where the EPG Web Management is installed, perform the following steps.

In this example, we'll cover the EPG-Admin but the same steps can be applied to other EPG sites.

Open IIS Manager

  1. EPG Admin
    1. Sites > Default Web Site > EPG-Admin
    2. In the main window under ASP.NET section, select .NET Authorization Rules


  1. Add an Allow Rule


  • Specify the AD user or AD security group to grant access to the web page

  • Click OK when done

(NOTE: These rules take effect in order from top to bottom of the list. Therefore, if the Deny rule is above the newly added rule, then the Deny All Users will take effect first and will stop processing the remaining rules.)


To adjust the order, you will need to remove the Deny All Users rule and then re-add it again by selecting Add Deny Rule.  This will in turn put the rules in the correct sequence to be processed.

Example below with AD user “John Smith”

  • Added new Allow Rule


  • After new Deny Rule was re-added