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Send an Email via Command Line With Messageware ActiveSend

This article applies to the following products:

  • Messageware ActiveSend 2019, 2016, 2013, O365



An email (including attachments) can be sent from Messageware ActiveSend to mail recipients by providing simple text commands. This can be ideal for automation tasks requiring to send an email from a specific event. 

From CMD prompt:

  1. Navigate to \Program Files (x86)\Messageware Incorporated\Messageware ActiveSend\
  2. Launch the Activesend_launcher.exe with the preferred attribute




Send mail to smtpaddress


Carbon copy to smtpaddress


Blind carbon copy mail to smtpaddress


Subject in plain text


Body in plain text


Full folder path and file name


Assumed name of attachment file


Suppress compose window and automatically send


Additional Notes:

  • To include additional mail recipients, a comma or a semicolon can be used
  • To include additional attachments
    • Example: -Attach "file1.ext" -Alias "file1" -Attach "file2.ext" -Alias "file2"
  • To include multiple lines in the email body, and %0D%0A outside of quotes
    • Example: -Body "This is the first text line"%0D%0A"This is the second text line"


Example 1:

  • "C:\Program Files (x86)\Messageware Incorporated\Messageware ActiveSend\activesend_launcher.exe" -silent -To user1@contoso.com -Cc user2@contoso.com -Subject “Test documentation” -Body “Please find the attached test documentation” -Attach "\temp\test.docx" -Alias "Test DOCX"


Example 2:

  • "C:\Program Files (x86)\Messageware Incorporated\Messageware ActiveSend\activesend_launcher.exe" -silent -To user1@contoso.com -Cc user2@contoso.com;user3@contoso.com -Subject “Test documentation” -Body “Please find the attached test documentation”%0D%0A"Thanks for reading it!" -Attach "\temp\test.docx" -Alias "1st Test DOCX" -Attach "\temp\test2.docx" -Alias "2nd Test DOCX"