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User name or password is incorrect when trying to send EPG Alerts

This article applies to the following products:

  • Messageware Exchange Protocol Guard 2019
  • Messageware Exchange Protocol Guard 2016
  • Messageware Exchange Protocol Guard 2013



Trying to send alerts fails and the message 'The user name or password is incorrect' appears in the event viewer. See a snippet of the error below:

FunctionName: RunFeaturesOnStartup

 -Exception data-

  Action: 0

  Action Name: (not set)

  PermissionState: (not set)

  RefusedSet: (not set)

  Url: (not set)

  Zone: MyComputer

  Message: The user name or password is incorrect.


This message appears when the UPN Sender Name in Alerts is not configured correctly.

Make sure that the value configured in Alerts is the UPN of the sending mailbox. In many cases the UPN and email address do not match. Refer to the section Locating a user's UPN below.

Figure 1 - Alerts UPN


Locating a user's UPN

Using PowerShell

  1. Launch Exchange Management Shell with elevated permissions
  2. Enter the command below to find a user's UPN. In this example we will output all users that have the string Bob in their name:                                                            Get-ADUser -Filter 'Name -like "*Bob*"' | FT Name, UserPrincipalName
  3. Enter the user's UPN in the UPN Sender Name section under Alerts
  4. Save your changes

Using Active Directory Users and Computer

  1. Launch Active Directory Users and Computers
  2. Click on View and select Advanced Features 
  3. Right click on the user whose UPN you want to locate and click Properties
  4. Choose the Attribute Editor tab and take note of the 'userPrincipalName' for that user
  5. Enter the value in the UPN Sender Name section under Alerts 
  6. Save your changes 

Figure 2 - userPrincipalName (UPN)