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Restoring deleted APP registration in Azure

This article applies to the following products:

  • Messageware ActiveSend for Office 365
  • Messageware OWA Desktop for Office 365



The article presents a method of restoring deleted APP registration in Azure and making sure that it is configured in the same state as before deletion.


When Messageware ActiveSend and OWA Desktop for Office 365 have Azure Application Registrations it is important to be able to restore the registration in the event of accidental deletion in Azure. If the Application registration cannot be restored, the administrator will have to re-deploy the software with updated Application IDs to end users.

For Azure Application Registration, refer to: https://kb.messageware.com/074283-Registering-Messageware-ActiveSend-and-OWA-Desktop-applications-in-your-Tenant


In order to restore APP registration PowerShell command will be used. 

  1.  To connect to Azure AD services, follow the steps below:
  2. Open Windows PowerShell from Start Menu
  3. Type command "Connect-AzureAD"
    • If this is the first time you are connecting to Azure AD with PowerShell, the following error may appear. It means that AzureAD module is not installed
  4. Type the command "Install-Module AzureAD" and Y to confirm
  5. If AzureAD module is already installed, type command "Connect-AzureAD" to connect to Azure. A pop-up window will show asking for Azure administrator credentials 
  6. Once connected to Azure, type "Get-AzureADDeletedApplication" to get a list of recently deleted applications
  7. From the list, pick the Application and use its ObjectId to restore the App.
  8. To restore 'tbtest' app we have to pick the correct ObjectId
  9. To restore the app type Restore-AzureADDeletedApplication -ObjectId edc8c6e9-b66d-4b06-8410-7c090e62e04c
  10. Above method restores the Application with the same AppId and URLs, however any admin consent to give to users before deletion will have to be granted again