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How to Identify the Current Settings Value Stored on a CAS/Front-End Server

This article applies to the following products:

Messageware EPG 2019

Messageware EPG 2016

Messageware EPG 2013





This article will cover the considerations that need to be taken when upgrading from earlier EPG version to EPG 3.5 or later.

The solutions steps will show how to identify the current settings value stored on a CAS/Front-End server where EPG is installed.




When updating a multi-Exchange server environment with EPG 3.4 or earlier to EPG 3.5 or later, the EPG settings on the earlier versions will be frozen with the current configuration at the time of the database upgrade.  However, if the EPG upgrade is expected to be completed across all the Exchange servers in one session, the following steps may not be necessary.


The EPG configuration change limitation will apply to Exchange servers when facing the following scenarios:


  • Due to time restrictions, running EPG in a mixed version environment for a period of time (CAS/Front-End servers with EPG 3.5 or later running side-by-side with CAS/Front-End servers with EPG 3.4 or earlier.)


  • CAS/Front-End servers that are intentionally offline / shutdown for a disaster recovery (DR) scenario and have EPG 3.4 or earlier installed.


  • CAS/Front-End servers that have a temporary issue when retrieving the latest version of settings and therefore, have a stale version of the settings.






Below will show how to obtain the settings value on a CAS/Front-End server with EPG installed.


  • Open Registry Editor (regedit.exe)
  • Navigate to: HKLM\Software\Messageware\EPG
  • Review the current value of ‘CurrentSettingsID’ (REG_SZ)


The value is numeric, and represents the current value of the EPG settings that has been downloaded to the CAS/Fron-End from the database.  The initial value of 0 represents the installed defaults, and incremented each time settings are saved in EPG Web Administration (EPG-Admin).  The Messageware EPG Service is responsible for detecting a new version of settings in the database, and downloading them to the CAS/Front-End server.




The CurrentSettingsID registry value can be cross-checked with the value stored in the database prior to the EPG 3.5 upgrade by running the SQL stored procedure below.


  • Launch the SQL Management Studio
  • Right-click on the EPG Database and select ‘New Query…’
  • Enter the following, and click ‘! Execute’ button


DECLARE         @return_value int


EXEC   @return_value = [dbo].[sp_GetConfigActiveID]


SELECT            'Return Value' = @return_value