Messageware Install Error: Unable to read KeyType property on metabase

This article applies to the following products:
     Messageware OWA Suite 2003

     Messageware OWA Suite 2000




Messageware installation fails on an Exchange Server with the following error:


“Unable to read Key Type property on Metabase, refer to \ProgramFiles\Exchsrv\PlusPack\Install\Install6B.log “





This issue occurs when the KeyType property is missing in the IIS metabase. The KeyType property specifies the metabase key type and the IIS Admin Object that relates to that Key. To correct this issue, re-add the missing KeyType properly.




The steps below outline how to add the KeyType properly to the metabase.   


1.     Proceed with deleting the Messageware Core registry key only if you do not have any other Messageware products installed

a.     Open the registry editor and navigate to:
HKLM\Software\Messageware Incorporated\Core Services

b.    Remove the Core Services key, if present

2.     Navigate to \Program Files\Messageware Core Services

3.     Rename the file websites.txt to websites.Old

4.     Download the scripts.txt file from the link below and extract the contents to a temp folder

5.     Rename this file to script.bat

6.     Copy the scripts.bat file to \Inetpub\AdminScripts\

7.     From the command line, navigate to \Inetpub\AdminScripts\

8.     Run the following command:  script.bat  

NOTE: If more than one web site is configured in IIS, updated the script to incorporate the key for any additional OWA web sites

9.     Proceed with installing Messageware products 


Should the issue remain, please contact the Messageware Support.




For more information the KeyType metabase property, refer to the Microsoft article below.


KeyType Metabase Property( IIS6.0)



This article applies to the following products: 
     Messageware OWA Suite 2003

     Messageware OWA Suite 2000