AttachView 8.1 March Update

This article applies to the following products:
     Messageware AttachView 2003 v8.1

     Messageware AttachView 2000 v8.1  



Messageware has created a cumulative update for AttachView version 8.1. 

To verify the version of AttachView installed on the Exchange server open the version.txt file in the \Program Files\Messageware Incorporated\AttachView for Outlook Web Access\Info folder.


·         Interoperation with the use of non-standard HTTP and HTTPS ports

·         Issue viewing multimedia files over SSL in some environments

·         Remove extraneous HTML content when loading PowerPoint files in the RICH view

·         Corrected script error when printing Microsoft Office files containing a table of contents

·         Issue viewing attachments when international characters are in the subject line and or the attachment name

·         Suppressed event log entries for users who no longer have the msExchangeQueryBaseDN attribute defined

·         Created a workaround for a rare IIS issue which occurs when a request is passed through IIS without a Basic authorization header. The request was not rejected by IIS (incorrect behaviour) and AttachView attempted to access the user's message without a credential

·         Safe SSL-open works with Internet Explorer option “Do not save encrypted pages to disk”

·         Minor fixes to the AttachView Administrative Console


Environment specific add-ons


·         In environments where Administrators have implemented Microsoft KB 310594 to force users to receive downlevel client functionality based on the IIS Web Site they connect to, Messageware has created an environment specific solution to handle these requests.   Please refer to the below Messageware knowledgebase article for more information




Please follow the steps below to apply the AttachView 8.1 March Update.

1.     Download and extract the update from the link below

2.     On the server, double click on the MWUPDATE.EXE

NOTE: The update will require to stop and start the World Wide Web Publishing Service

3.     Complete the installation and login to OWA


This article applies to the following products:
     Messageware AttachView 2003 v8.1

     Messageware AttachView 2000 v8.1