How to verify and upgrade to the latest version of Messageware Server Suite 2013 products

This article applies to the following products:
Messageware OWA Server Suite 2013




This article includes steps on how to verify the version of the Messageware products installed on the Exchange server, including information on how to upgrade to the latest available versions when performing an Exchange 2013 CU upgrade.
We strongly suggest you perform a reboot of Exchange servers following the completion of the CU upgrade.  This step will finalize any pending Windows updates and place the server in a clean state



Find below the steps to verify the version of Messageware software installed:
1.     Log into the Messageware Admin Center (http://servername/MAC)
2.     Click on Deploy
3.     Check the version of the software in the right-hand information window




To upgrade to the latest version of the Messageware software, proceed with the steps outlined below.
1.     Download the Messageware product package
b.    Enter the customer number and license key
c.    Click on the Product Updates link
d.    Expand the view for the desired install program
e.    Click on the Download link for the latest version of the product
f.     Save the Installation file to a location on the hard disk
2.     Update the Deployment Plan in the Messageware Admin Center
a.    Navigate to the Messageware Admin Center (http://servername/MAC)
b.    On the Home page, click Products and then select Import
c.    Browse to the directory where the file is saved and select it
d.    Import the new build
e.    From the Home page, click Deploy and Edit Deployment Plan
f.     Select the new build numbers from the drop down on all the products to be upgraded
g.    Save the deployment plan
3.     Run the Master Installer on each server where Messageware is installed
a.    Select Install, Change or Remove
b.    Continue through the wizard
c.    The Master Installer will uninstall the old build and install the new one
d.    Once completed, go to the Deploy page again and hit Refresh All Servers button to see the updated versions of the software.


This article applies to the following products:      
     Messageware OWA Server Suite 2013