User Cannot Select Names in Address Book After Upgrading to Exchange 2010 Service Pack 3

This article applies to the following products:
     Messageware Plus Pack 2010



After the installation of Service Pack 3 for Exchange 2010 the end user loses the ability to select new names in ‘To:’ field within Outlook Web App. The following error appears in the Event Log on the Client Access Server.

ERROR: Unspecified error

. CSWGeneralSettings::GetADProperty failed to get msExchAddressBookPolicyLink for sUser user sSession V-AlV03WtU651U0S13R02t7GcDbdHdAI9Valt3ODKR0FAhHwmyndDZrXmr96wRrieYS8YUHz0W4.


When an Exchange Server 2010 is updated from Service Pack 1 to either Service Pack 2 or Service Pack 3 a feature is added that allows user to share their address book within Outlook Web App. For this an AD Object called ‘ msExchAddressBookPolicyLink’ is created. This object is left blank during the upgrade. When Plus Pack reads this object and detects that the entry is blank a corresponding message is written in the event logs on the CAS. 



       To correct this behavior follow the steps below.



1)       On the CAS, download and extract the files to a temporary location

2)       Browse to (Drive):\Program Files\Messageware\Plus Pack\vDir\mwmo

a.        Rename the following files to .old from .dll, PlusPack.dll and PlusPackIsapi.dll

b.       Copy the PlusPackIsapi.dll and PlusPack.dll from the zip location to the (Drive):\Program Files\Messageware\Plus Pack\vDir\mwmo folder

3)       Browse to (Drive):\Program Files\Messageware\Plus Pack\Service Worker\

a.        Rename the PP_ServiceWorker.dll to PP_ServiceWorker.old

b.       Copy the PP_ServiceWorker.dll file from the unpacked zip file to the (Drive):\Program Files\Messageware\Plus Pack\Service Worker\ folder

4)       Restart the World Wide Web Publishing Service



This article applies to the following products:
     Messageware Plus Pack 2010