Users are unable to access OWA from Internet Explorer 10 when NavGuard is present.

This article applies to the following products: 

      Messageware NavGuard 2007

      Messageware NavGuard 2010




When a user tries to connect to Outlook Web Access using Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8, they receive the following message:


Messageware NavGuard Security Event


A security policy from this Outlook Web Access website has blocked your web browser. To access this website please do one of the following:


1.      Check for updates for your web browser

2.      Use a different web browser




NavGuard includes a settings.xml file which contains a list of browsers that are allowed or blocked from accessing OWA based on their user agent string value. When a login request is processed, NavGuard checks to see if the browser’s user agent string is listed in the exception list labeled <ITEM ID="114"> in the NavGuard settings file. If the user agent string is not listed, NavGaurd will block the browser request and show the above message to the user.





Note: Restart the World Wide Web Publishing service

         Apply changes on all servers where Messageware NavGuard is installed


1.     Determine the browser user agent string for Internet Explorer 10 and take note of it (

2.     On the CAS, navigate to \Program Files\Messageware\NavGuard\Settings

3.     Right click on the SWSettings.xml and select Edit

4.     Locate <ITEM ID="114" and add the user agent for Internet Explorer 10 to the end of the line (i.e. |*MSIE 10.0*"/>)

5.     Select File > Save

6.     Restart the World Wide Web Publishing service





Understanding user-agent strings


This article applies to the following products: 

     Messageware NavGuard 2007

     Messageware NavGuard 2010