How to configure ActiveSend interoperation with Office365

This article applies to the following products:
     Messageware ActiveSend




This article will provide the steps needed to ensure interoperability with ActiveSend and Office365



Follow the steps below to apply the ActiveSend interoperability update for Office365:


1.     Extract the Update from the link below and place it in a temporary location

2.     Navigate to \Program Files\Messageware Incorporated\Messageware ActiveSend

a.     Rename mwmailmanager.exe to mwmailmanager.old and copy the updated mwmailmanager.exe file to this path                   

b.     Rename mwutil.dll to mwutil.old and copy the updated mwutil.dll file to this path

c.     Rename mwmailclient.exe to mwmailclient.old and copy the updated mwmailclient.exe file to this path                        

d.     Rename mw_qwy2.dll to mw_qwy2.old and copy the updated mw_qwy2.dll file to this path

3.     Use the following URL for Office 365:

where domainname is replaced with the respective Office365 domain




The ActiveSend interoperability update for Office365 will be included in a future release of ActiveSend. 


This article applies to the following products:
     Messageware ActiveSend 9.2