AttachView features are not translated when using Full Mailbox permissions in OWA to access another mailbox

This article applies to the following products:
     Messageware AttachView 2010 v2.0a




When accessing another user’s mailbox using full mailbox permissions (i.e. when UserA accesses UserB’s mailbox), AttachView features are not translated to UserB’s language settings as are defined in UserB’s OWA language settings.




To correct this issue, apply the AttachView update below:


Note: A restart of the World Wide Web Publishing Service is required


1.     On the CAS, download and extract the following files to a temporary location

2.     Navigate to \Program Files\Messageware\AttachView\vdir\mwmo

a.     Rename the existing AttachView.dll to AttachView.old

b.     Paste the updated AttachView.dll

c.     Rename the existing AttachViewIsapi.dll to AttachViewIsapi.old

d.     Paste the updated AttachViewIsapi.dll

e.     Verify the NTFS permissions match

3.     Navigate to \Program Files\Messageware\AttachView\Service Worker\

a.     Rename the existing AV_ServiceWorker.dll to AV_ServiceWorker.old

b.     Paste the updated AV_ServiceWorker.dll

c.     Verify the NTFS permissions match with the existing file

4.     Navigate to \Program Files\Messageware\AttachView\COM|

a.     Rename the existing baseengine.dll to baseengine.old

b.     Paste the updated baseengine.dll

c.     Rename the existing CadAVEngine.dll to CadAVEngine.old

d.     Paste the updated CadAVEngine.dll

e.     Rename the existing HexEngine.dll to HexEngine.old

f.       Paste the updated HexEngine.dll

g.     Rename the existing ImageAVEngine.dll to ImageAVEngine.old

h.     Paste the updated ImageAVEngine.dll

i.       Rename the existing MediaAVEngine.dll to MediaAVEngine.old

j.       Paste the updated MediaAVEngine.dll

k.     Rename the existing PDFEngine.dll to PDFEngine.old

l.       Paste the updated PDFEngine.dll

m.    Rename the existing PEAVEngine.dll to PEAVEngine.old

n.     Paste the updated PEAVEngine.dl

o.     Rename the existing VisioAVEngine.dll to VisioAVEngine.old

p.     Paste the updated VisioAVEngine.dll

q.     Rename the existing ZIPEngine.dll to ZIPEngine.old

r.      Paste the updated ZIPEngine.dll

s.     Verify the NTFS permissions match with the existing files

5.     Navigate to \Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\ClientAccess\OWA\MWScripts\AttachView

a.     Paste the directory 2.1 to this location

6.     Register the AttachView engines

7.     Open up a command prompt (Start\Run\cmd)

a.     Navigate to the path where the engines are located (\Program Files\Messageware\AttachView\COM\)

b.     Type the following commands to register the updated DLLS:

i.              regsvr32 baseengine.dll

ii.             regsvr32 CadAVEngine.dll

iii.            regsvr32 HexEngine.dll

iv.            regsvr32 ImageAVEngine.dll

v.             regsvr32 MediaAVEngine.dll

vi.            regsvr32 PDFEngine.dll

vii.           regsvr32 PEAVEngine.dll

viii.          regsvr32 VisioAVEngine.dll

ix.            regsvr32 ZIPEngine.dll

8.     Restart the World Wide Web Publishing Service for changes to take immediate effect

9.    Confirm that the language now appears successfully when accessing a mailbox using Full Mailbox Permissions





This issue will be corrected in the next version of Messageware AttachView


This article applies to the following products:
     Messageware AttachView 2010 v2.0a