How to verify and upgrade to the latest version of Messageware 2010 products

This article applies to the following products:
     Messageware OWA Suite 2010




This article includes steps on how to verify the versions of the Messageware products installed on the CAS, including information on how to upgrade to the latest available versions.



Find below the steps to verify the version of each Messageware product by checking the version.txt file located in the following paths:

Messageware AttachView
\Program Files\Messageware\AttachView


Messageware CalendarPack
\Program Files\Messageware\CalendarPack


Messageware NavGuard
\Program Files\Messageware\NavGuard


Messageware OWA Print
\Program Files\Messageware\OWA Print


Messageware Plus Pack
\Program Files\Messageware\Plus Pack


Messageware TimeGuard
\Program Files\Messageware\TimeGuard




To upgrade to the latest version of a Messageware product proceed on the steps outlined below.    


1.         Download the Messageware install program

a.        Visit

b.        Enter the Customer Number and License Key

c.        Click on the Product Updates link

d.        Expand the view for the desired install program

e.        Click on the Download link for the latest version of the product

f.          Save the installation file to a location on the hard disk

2.         Removing the older version of the Messageware product

a.        Click on Start\Control Panel\Add or Remove Programs

b.        Select the Messageware product and click on Change/Remove

c.        Proceed with the removal of the program

d.        The uninstall will programmatically stop\start the World Wide Web Publishing Service

3.         Verify native OWA functionality

a.        Login to OWA

b.        Confirm there are no issues

4.         Install the latest Product version

a.        Run the executable

b.        Step through the install program

c.        The installation will programmatically stop\start of the World Wide Web Publishing Service

d.        Apply the latest updates associated with the product if applicable 



This article applies to the following products:  
      Messageware OWA Suite 2010