Users are experiencing issues accessing the Plus Pack Address Book using Internet Explorer 9

This article applies to the following products:  
          Messageware Plus Pack 2010 v2.0a




Using Internet Explorer 9, users are experiencing multiple behaviours when accessing the Plus Pack Address Book




The Address Book is displayed incorrectly





Script errors when invoking the Address Book when clicking the To/CC/Bcc button from the Compose Message form




The Address Book is not populated with any recipients





The behaviour occurs due to a header that is required inside of Plus Pack related responses




To resolve this behaviour proceed on following the steps mentioned below


1.     On the Client Access Server, download and extract the following file to a temporary location

2.     Navigate to \Program Files\Messageware\Plus Pack\Service Worker

a.     Rename PP_ServiceWorker.dll to PP_ServiceWorker.old

b.     Copy the updated PP_ServiceWorker.dll to this path

3.     Navigate to \Program Files\Messageware\Plus Pack\vdir\mwmo

a.     Rename mw_premiumaddr.srf to mw_premiumaddr.old

b.     Copy the updated mw_premiumaddr.srf file to this path

c.     Rename PlusPack.dll to PlusPack.old

d.     Copy the updated PlusPack.dll file to this path

e.     Rename PlusPackIsapi.dll to PlusPackIsapi.old

f.      Copy the updated PlusPackIsapi.dll file to this path

4.     Verify NTFS permissions on all the above files that have been updated

5.     Restart World Wide Web Publishing Service




To work around this behaviour, apply the required Plus Pack header in IIS Manager by following the steps below.


1.     On the CAS, open IIS Manager (Start\Run\inetmgr)

2.     Navigate to Sites > Default Web Site > owa > X-PlusPack

3.     In the Features pane, double-click HTTP Response Headers

4.     In the Actions pane, click Add

a.     Under Name type: X-UA-Compatible

b.     Under Value type: IE=EmulateIE7

5.     Click OK




                This behaviour will be corrected in the next version of Messageware Plus Pack


This article applies to the following products:    
          Messageware Plus Pack 2010 v2.0a