When using the Plus Pack Address Book, the recipients are not populating

This article applies to the following products:   
         Messageware Plus Pack v2.4c 2007





When users login to OWA and access the Plus Pack address book, the recipients are not populating.




This behavior occurs if the Everyone permission is missing from all Exchange Address Lists.



Proceed with applying the steps below on confirming if Everyone permission is added to all the Exchange address lists .


1.     On the Exchange server

2.     Open up ADSIEDIT.msc (Start | Run | type ADSIEDIT.msc)

a.     Expand Configuration folder

b.    Expand CN=Configuration,DC=<Sever Name>,DC=com (where Server Name is Name of the Sever)

c.     Expand CN=Services,

d.    Expand CN=Microsoft Exchange

e.     Expand CN=FirstOrganization

f.     Right click on CN=Address Lists Container,

g.    Select properties

h.     Navigate to Security tab

i.      Confirm is Everyone permission is added to Group or user names

j.      Repeat the process for all other address list under CN= Address Lists Container


This article applies to the following products:  
     Messageware Plus Pack v2.4c 2007