How to add a specific set of users to an inclusion list for the Messageware products

This article applies to the following products:
     Messageware OWA Suite 2007

     Messageware OWA Suite 2009





The configuration steps below allow the Messageware product functionality to be limited to a set of AD security groups or users via an inclusion list.


We recommend adding the testing group of users to an Active Directory security group and the group would be added to the inclusion list.  All other users will be able to see native functionality.


This configuration is typically used when implementing Messageware products in pilot stages.





Proceed on following the configuration steps below on adding the inclusion list for an Active Directory security group or an user account.


1.     Open up ADSIEDIT.msc (Start\Run\adsiedit.msc)

a.     Locate the AD Security Group and go to properties

b.    Locate the ObjectSID attribute and make a note of the SID for the AD Security group

2.     On the CAS, download and extract the following file to a temporary location

3.     Navigate to \Program Files\Messageware\Common Files\

a.     Rename the existing CoreServices.dll to CoreServices.old

b.    Paste the updated CoreServices.dll

c.     Verify the NTFS permissions match

4.     Navigate to \Program Files\Messageware\Common Files\Settings\

a.     Make a backup copy of the MWCriteria.xml

b.    Edit the MWCriteria.xml with a text editor or notepad

c.     After ITEM ID 50 and before the </GENERALSETTINGS> enter the following two new entries

<ITEM ID="89" DESCR="Allow List AD Groups" VALUE="<objectSID_ofADSecGrp>"/>

<ITEM ID="90" DESCR="Allow List Users" VALUE=""/>

d.    Save and Exit the file

5.     Restart the World Wide Web Publishing Service for changes to take effect


This article applies to the following products:
     Messageware OWA Suite 2007

     Messageware OWA Suite 2009