InstallShield error 'Object Reference Not Set' error appears during InstallShield product installation

This article applies to the following products:
     Messageware Suite 2003

     Messageware Suite 2000



The Messageware product installation uses InstallShield. When running the setup file the following error occurs during the initialization “Object Reference Not set”


This is a generic error which can be related to several environment specific issues including the below.

·         An older version of the InstallShield engine installed on the system

·         The DCOM security settings on the system prevent the InstallScript engine from loading or using a COM object


Al though the issue is related to InstallShield it is recommended that the version of InstallShield be kept current. Please follow the InstallShield knowledgebase article outlining the steps on updating the InstallShield version.

In addition, the error may indicate that the InstallShield needs to be configured. Please refer to the InstallShield article below as a reference.


For more information on InstallShield please refer to the links below.