Receiving failed to match any rule (65 – 0x0) error when viewing PDF attachments

This article applies to the following products:
     Messageware AttachView 8.6




Users receive the following error when viewing PDF attachments:


Failed to match any rule (65 – 0x0)




This behavior occurs due to an outdated PDF conversion engine that is present in an environment where the X-Forwarded interoperability fix has been applied.  




To resolve the behavior perform disk clean up by following the steps mentioned below


1.     Apply the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package ATL Security Update x86 from the link below

2.     Download and extract the updated AttachView library files in the link below to a temporary location

3.     On the Exchange server navigate \Program Files\Messageware Incorporated\AttachView for Outlook Web Access\COM

a.     Rename PDFEngine.dll to PDFEngine.old

b.    Copy the updated PDFEngine.dll file to this location

4.     Registering PDFEngine.dll

a.     On the exchange server, Open Command prompt (Start/Run/type CMD)

b.    Type the following command to register the AttachView dll files

                                                                                          i.    regsvr32 "<DriveLetter>:\ \Program Files\Messageware Incorporated\AttachView for Outlook Web Access\COM\PDFEngine.dll"

5.     Restarting the PDFEngine

a.     On the Exchange sever, open up Component Services

b.    Navigate to  Component Services/Computers/My Computer/

c.     Select AttachView PDF Engine

d.    Right click on select on Shutdown

e.     Right Click and  then select Start

6.     Open up AttachView Management Console

a.     Navigate to Global Settings

b.    Select  Cache tab

c.     Click on Flush button

d.    Select Refresh Tab

e.     Click on Refresh Button

7.     Restart the World Wide Web Publishing Services for changes to take effect




The IP criteria rules are not taking effect when there is a third party device configured to use the X-Forwarded-For header



This article applies to the following products:
     Messageware AttachView 8.6


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