Distribution lists created under public folders are not visible in the Plus Pack address book

This article applies to the following products:
     Messageware PlusPack 2.3    




Distribution lists is created under public folder are not showing up in the Plus Pack address book




This behavior occurs because of an outdated MwPPExAcc.dll file.




1.     Download the updated files from the link below and extract the file to a temporary location

a.     http://w3.messageware.com/download/support/KB/551_PlusPack2_3_DistributionList_PublicFolder_PostFix.zip

2.     On the Exchange server navigate to \Program Files\Messageware\Plus Pack\bin

a.     Rename MwPPExAcc.dll file to MwPPExAcc.old

b.    Copy the updated MwPPExAcc.dll to this location

c.     Copy Gacutil.exe file to this location

3.     Open up command prompt (Start/Run/cmd)

a.     Navigate to X:Program Files\Messageware\Plus Pack\bin (where X is the drive where the Plus Pack is installed)

b.    Type gacutil.exe /u MWPPEXACC /r OPAQUE MWPPEXACC MessagewarePlusPackExchangeAccess

c.     Type gacutil.exe /i "X:\program files\messageware\plus pack\bin\MwPPExAcc.DLL" /r OPAQUE MWPPEXACC MessagewarePlusPackExchangeAccess

Note: if Plus Pack is installed in a different directory, please ensure that step 3(a) and 3(c) corresponds to the correct directory

4.     Restart the World Wide Publishing Service for the changes to take effect


This article applies to the following products:
     Messageware PlusPack 2.3