Users are unable to see Messageware AttachView features in OWA

This article applies to the following products:
     Messageware AttachView 2003

      Messageware AttachView 2000




The below AttachView features are missing in OWA:


·        AttachView binoculars are not present beside attachments

·        There is no AttachView menu when selecting the attachment name




There are several causes for missing AttachView functionality; some of the possible causes are outlined below.


·          AttachView license key is invalid

·          Messageware ISAPI filter is not loaded

·          WinHTTP proxy configuration is blocking local requests

·          Mismatch in Windows IIS Authentication settings

·          Older version of the AttachView is installed




The action items will step through the possible causes listed above in detail.


AttachView license key is invalid

To ensure that the AttachView license key is valid, follow the steps below


1.     Using Internet Explorer, enter the following command:

2.     If the license is valid the response is “200 OK”


Messageware ISAPI filter is not loaded


The Messageware ISAPI filter must be loaded for AttachView functionality to be present. Below are the steps to verify.


1.     On the server, open the IIS Manager and navigate to \Web Sites\<OWA website>

2.     Select Properties on the OWA website

3.     Move to the ISAPI Filters tab

4.     If there is no Messageware Web Service ISAPI filter, add the filter

a.     In the ISAPI Filters tab click on the Add button

b.    For Filter Name, enter "Messageware Web Service", without quotes

c.     For Executable, click on the Browse button and navigate to \Program Files\Messageware Core Services\Filter\MW_Core.dll

d.    Restart the World Wide Web Publishing Service

5.     If there is a red arrow next to the filter, contact Messageware Support


NOTE : The filter should be added to all OWA websites for which the AttachView functionality should be present


Configuring WinHTTP proxy


A WinHTTP proxy forwards local requests to a proxy server. This will prevent a client from seeing AttachView functionality. This issue will only occur on a front-end server and can be corrected by adding the front-end server where the AttachView is installed, to the WINHTTP bypass list using the proxycfg command.

Follow the steps outlined in the following Messageware knowledgebase article to correct this issue:

Error “File Retrieval error. (31 – 0x2ee7)” appears when viewing attachments in AttachView and Symantec Enterprise Vault is present

Mismatch in Windows authentication settings

Refer to the Messageware knowledgebase article below to verify the IIS authentication settings.

How to verify the IIS Authentication Settings

Upgrading to the latest version of the AttachView

Refer to the Messageware Knowledgebase article below to upgrade to the latest Messageware product versions

Upgrading to the latest version of Messageware products



This article applies to the following products:
     Messageware AttachView 2003

      Messageware AttachView 2000