How to configure the CalendarShare search string

This article applies to the following products:
     Messageware CalendarShare 1.8a and earlier 2007



By default, when opening a shared calendar in OWA, the value that is used to search for the shared calendar and to display the shared calendar name is read from the sAMAccountName attribute.


This article contains information on how to configure CalendarShare to search for and display a shared calendar based on the Display Name and Name attributes




To configure the shared calendar label to read the Display Name or Name attributes as its value, follow the steps below.



1.     Proceed on upgrading to the CalendarShare 1.9 or the latest version that is currently available. Included below is the Messageware Knowledge Base article which contains steps on how to upgrade/install the latest version of Messageware products

How to verify and upgrade to the latest version of Messageware 2007 products


NOTE: By default, after upgrading to the latest version of CalendarShare, the Display Name attribute is used as the value. To change the value from Display Name to Name attribute, proceed on applying Step 2

2.     Open the SWSettings.xml file (located under \Program Files\Messageware\CalendarShare\Settings)

3.     Below Item ID 112, paste the following tag to configure the Name attribute

<ITEM ID="119" DESCR="Set ANR return name property: (0-DisplayName(Default)|1-Name)" VALUE="0"/>

4.     Restart the World Wide Web Publishing Services for changes to take immediate effect




After applying the above changes, users may have to update their list of shared calendars in OWA. This is achieved by accessing the Manage Other Calendars option in OWA, removing the respective shared calendars, followed by re-adding the shared calendars using the Open a Shared Calendar link  


This article applies to the following products:
     Messageware CalendarShare 1.8a and earlier 2007