AttachView IP rules are not taking effect for Exchange 2003 users when connecting to OWA via a Client Access Server

This article applies to the following products:
     Messageware AttachView 2007




When connecting to an Exchange 2003 mailbox via a Client Access Server, the AttachView IP rules are not taking effect.




When connecting via a CAS, the client’s IP address is not forwarded to the Exchange 2003 server; due to this reason the Exchange 2003 server is unable to identify the client and provide AttachView functionality based on the IP rules that are configured.




To correct this behavior, apply the updated CoreServices.dll and edit the CoreSettings.xml to add an additional ITEM ID.


1.      On the CAS, download and extract the following file to a temporary location

2.      Navigate to\Program Files\Messageware\Common Files\

a.      Rename the existing CoreServices.dll to CoreServices.old

b.     Paste the updated CoreServices.dll

c.      Verify the NTFS permissions match

3.      Navigate to \Program Files\Messageware\Common Files\Settings\

a.      Make a backup copy of the CoreSettings.xml

b.     Right-Click on CoreSettings.xml and Open with a text editor

c.      Under the <CORESETTINGS> section add a new line after <ITEM ID 79> 
<ITEM ID="84" DESCR="Enable Forward of client IP" VALUE="1"/>

d.     Save and exit the text editor

4.      Restart the World Wide Web Publishing Service for changes to take immediate effect

5.      Clear the client side browser cache

6.      Confirm if the IP rules are taking affect as expected



This article applies to the following products:
     Messageware AttachView 2007