Plus Pack Enhanced Addressing shows empty GAL

This article applies to the following products:
     Messageware Plus Pack 2003
     Messageware Plus Pack 2000




When using the Plus Pack Enhanced Addressing option no recipients are displayed in the Global Address List (GAL).  This only occurs when Integrated Windows Authentication is configured for OWA.




When Integrated Windows Authentication is enabled, the user's browser proves its knowledge of the password through a cryptographic exchange with the Web server, involving hashing. As a result the Plus Pack’s address query is unable to retrieve any results and the GAL is not populated

The Plus Pack address book query requires the reuse of credentials to retrieve recipients. A service account is needed for the Plus Pack address book query.

When using Windows Basic Authentication the Plus Pack's address query can reuse the user's credentials and no Service Account is needed. The credential can be reused because all the information is sent in clear text. 




There are several workarounds available to resolve this issue; see below for details.

Option 1: Configure Basic Authentication
Configuring Exchange with Basic Authentication will correct the issue since the Plus Pack’s address query is able to reuse the user’s credentials when only Basic Authentication is enabled. More information on IIS authentication settings can be found in the Messageware knowledgebase article below


How to verify the IIS Authentication Settings



Option 2: Configure a Service Account
Follow the workaround below to configure a Service Account which will be used to perform the Plus Pack's Enhanced Addressing query. IIS authentication settings will remain with Integrated authentication


1.      Open the Registry Editor

2.      Navigate to:  HKLM\Software\Messageware Incorporated\Core Services

3.      Add the following entries:

Name: LdapServiceAccountName  (Case Sensitive)
Type:  REG_SZ (String)
Value:  <enter Domain\Username>

NOTE: Use a valid domain user account; the user account does not need to be mailbox-enabled and does not require Administrative permissions

Name: LdapServiceAccountPwd  (Case Sensitive)
Type:  REG_SZ (String)
Value:  <enter the account's password>

4.      Restart the World Wide Web Publishing Service for the changes to take effect

5.      Verify that the issue has been corrected


Option 3: Configure authentication Override settings
Configure the Plus Pack to use only Basic authentication


1.     Open the Plus Pack Administrative Console (Start\Programs\Plus Pack for Outlook Web Access\Plus Pack Administrative Console)

2.     Navigate to the Override tab and select the radio button labeled Allow only BASIC authentication

3.     Click Apply and OK

4.     Restart the World Wide Web Publishing service



This article applies to the following products:
     Messageware Plus Pack 2003
     Messageware Plus Pack 2000