Messageware Plus Pack 2007 2.1a Release Notes

Messageware Plus Pack 2007 v2.1a

Release Notes



This article describes the bug fixes included in Plus Pack 2007 2.1a



Bugs Fixes


·         Corrected script error on new mail notification


·         Corrected issue where the Spell Check would not flag misspelled words if the user’s mailbox is configured to use the English (Australian) Dictionary


·         Corrected the script error that is generated when opening a meeting invite and clicking on the “x” icon to close the window


·         Corrected issue where incorrect dates are marked as holidays when users in the Australian time zone import holidays from the Options page in OWA


 ·        Corrected issue where enabling the Restricted Views option in the management console would cause additional Address lists to be displayed in the drop down menu


·         Corrected issue where the OWA session may freeze when using Internet Explorer 6 with the Blind Vision option enabled for the user


 ·        Corrected issue where the “Add” option does not appear in the Spell check context menu when responding to a meeting request

Messageware Plus Pack 2007 v2.1a

Release Notes