NavGuard warning message does not appear when navigating away from OWA

This article applies to the following products:
     Messageware NavGuard 1.5a





Users may not receive a NavGuard warning message when attempting to navigate away from their OWA session when using Light browsers




This behavior occurs due to a misconfiguration in the NavGuard settings file



To enable the NavGuard warning message follow the steps below.



1.     On the CAS, navigate to \Program Files\Messageware Incorporated\NavGuard for Outlook Web Access\Settings

2.     Make a backup of the settings_0.xml file

3.     Edit the settings_0.xml file using an editor such as notepad

4.     Replace the entire Measure ID 122 xml tag with the xml tag below


<MEASURE ID="122" DESCR="Cancel NavAway browsers list; List of '|' separated user agent strings, may contain wild chars (*?); see example above" VALUE="*Safari*|*MSIE 5.0*Win*|*MSIE*Netscape*|*Firefox/2.*|*Firefox/3.*|*Navigator/9.*|*Mozilla/5.0*Macintosh*Gecko/20071127*"/>

5.     Save the changes

6.     Restart the World Wide Web Publishing Services for changes to take affect




This behavior will be corrected in the next release of NavGuard


This article applies to the following products:
     Messageware NavGuard 1.5a