Error "Failed to retrieve email information (33 - 0x0)" when viewing an attachment

This article applies to the following products:
     Messageware AttachView 2007





When clicking on the AttachView binocular icon, users receive the following error message:


  “Failed to retrieve email information (33 – 0x0)”




This behavior occurs when a host header is configured in IIS and users connect to OWA using an HTTP connection (Port 80).  OWA and EWS virtual directories have to have the same protocol type configured.  By default EWS and OWA are configured with HTTPS.  By disabling HTTPS on the OWA virtual directory, AttachView will try to use HTTP to access EWS for obtaining email information, which will fail due to protocol mismatch.



To correct this behavior, the Exchange Administrator has to edit the SWSettings.xml from the AttachView directory. Follow the steps below.


  1. On the CAS, navigate to \Program Files\Messageware\AttachView\Settings
  2. Right-Click on the SWSettings.xml file and select Open With > Notepad
  3. Locate the following line <ITEM ID = “38” DESCR=”EWS Path” Value =””/>
  4. Between the quotations in the Value section type in the following line https://<server_name>/EWS/exchange.asmx
  5. Save the file and exit notepad
  6. Restart the World Wide Web Publishing Service for changes to take immediate effect

This article applies to the following products:
     Messageware AttachView 2007