The Test-OwaConnectivity cmdlet fails after installing NavGuard on the CAS

This article applies to the following products:
    Messageware NavGuard 2007




When executing the Test-OwaConnectivity cmdlet using the Exchange Management Shell, the following warning appears in the shell interface:


WARNING: The Test-OwaConnectivity cmdlet did not receive an Outlook Web Access page.    


WARNING: The test encountered an error while logging on to Outlook Web Access.

HTTP code: 200


WARNING: The test for URL 'https://<servername>/owa' failed





When testing the OWA connectivity from the command shell the request that is sent contains a standard browser user agent string which is blocked by NavGuard for security purposes.




To test OWA connectivity using the command shell, follow the steps below:


1.      Open up the Exchange Management Shell (Start/All Programs/Microsoft Exchange 2007)

2.      Type the following command and press enter


                        Test-OwaConnectivity -URL:https://<server_name>/owa/?mwngsubfr=1 -  MailboxCredential:(Get-Credential domain\username)  | fl





For more information on testing for connectivity, refer to the Microsoft Technet article below.




This article applies to the following products:
    Messageware NavGuard 2007