Users receive an error when viewing PDF, JPEG and VDS files using the AttachView binocular icon

This article applies to the following products:
     Messageware AttachView 2003





 Users receive the following errors when clicking on the AttachView binocular icon  


1.     For PDF attachments

“2147023170 the remote procedure call failed. (2147023170 - 0x800706be)”


2.     For jpeg and vsd attachments

“failed to wrap main page Unspecified error – 2147467259”


This issue occurs in a cross platform environment when accessing a 2003 mailbox accounts via the Client Access Server





To correct this issue apply the steps below on the Back-end server where AttachView is installed


1.      On the Back-end Server navigate to  Resource folder (Program Files\Messageware Incorporated\AttachView for Outlook Web Access)

2.      Copy the Resource folder containing the AttvRes.dll file

3.      Paste the Resource folder into Program Files\Exchsrvr





To obtain additional details in regards to the Migration Environment and the authentication settings on the Back-end and CAS environment, click on the links below:


Configuring AttachView in a migration environment where the CAS server proxies to back-end mailbox servers


      Microsoft’s Overview of Exchange Server 2007 CAS Proxying and Redirection


This article applies to the following products:
          Messageware AttachView 2003