How to configure the attachment file size limit for WebReady viewing



When a user clicks on the Open as Web Page to view a supported file attachment which exceeds the default WebReady file size limit, Outlook Web Access will display the following error message:


The document cannot be converted by the WebReady Document viewing service because it is larger than the maximum size limit set by the administrator for your organization.


This article includes information on how to configure the attachment file size limit on the Client Access Server by using registry keys. 





To configure the attachment file size limit, apply the steps below:


1.     On the CAS, launch the registry editor and navigate to the following registry key HKEY_Local_Machine\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\MSExchange OWA

2.     Right click on MSExchange OWA and create a new Key called WebReadyDocumentViewing

3.     Under WebReadyDocumentViewing , create a DWORD value

a)     Maximum DocumentInputSize

Set a value to the desired size e.g. 10240 kb = 10MB

b)    MaximumDocumentOutputSize

Set a value to the desired size e.g. 10240 kb =10MB

4.     Restart the World Wide Web Publishing Service for the changes to take effect  





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