Appointments created on a shared calendar in OWA are not visible in Microsoft Office Outlook

This article applies to the following products :

Messageware CalendarShare 2003

Messageware CalendarShare 2000





Appointments that are created on a shared calendar in Outlook Web Access are not visible to the calendar owner in Microsoft Office Outlook.




This behavior occurs when the “Use Cached Exchange Mode” option is enabled in Microsoft Office Outlook.


When this option is enabled, Outlook creates a local copy of the user's mailbox on the local workstation. Any changes made on the calendar by the delegate will not apply until a connection is established with the Exchange server and the items are automatically synchronized.




To ensure immediate synchronization follow the steps below to disable the cached mode


1.        Login to the email account using Microsoft Office Outlook

2.        Navigate to Tools\Email Accounts

3.        In the Email Accounts window, select Viewer change existing accounts and click Next

4.        Click on the Change button

5.        Uncheck the Use Cached Exchange Mode option





To obtain more information on Cached Exchange Mode, please click on the link below:


Setting Up Outlook 2003 Cached Exchange Mode Accounts



This article applies to the following products:

Messageware CalendarShare 2003

Messageware CalendraShare 2000